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Our Environmental Policy
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We're committed to protecting the environment, the health and safety of our employees, and the community in which we conduct our business.


It is our policy to adopt environmentally responsible business practices by conserving energy, water, and other natural resources; recycling and purchasing recycled products; and reducing our use of toxic cleaning products. We are committed to these goals while maintaining our high standards for customer comfort and enjoyment.

Our Participation in Phase One of the Green Concierge Certification Program
In January of 2011, Washington Irving Inn voluntarily agreed to participate in HospitalityGreen’s, Green Concierge (GC) Certification Program. The property is currently in Phase One of the (GC) Certification Program. Throughout the year our property will continue to improve and track our environmental sustainable practices. It is our intention to qualify as a Tier One – Bronze facility under the GC Certification program by the close of 2011.

Our Sustainable Practices
In pursuit of our goal to attain GC Certification, we are currently implementing the following practices:

  1. We replace expired light bulbs with energy efficient alternatives.
  2. We upgrade our sinks, showerheads and toilets to water-conserving models when they expire.
  3. We offer guests the option to not change their sheets and towels on a daily basis to conserve water.
  4. We recycle our bottles, cans, cardboard and paper.
  5. Using the Resource Tracking Tool developed by HospitalityGreen, we are tracking all of our resource usage and recycling.
  6. We dispose of hazardous waste according to state regulations.

What is HospitalityGreen’s Green Concierge Certification?
Hospitality Green LLC is a New York based consulting firm specializing in environmental and operations consulting services. HospitalityGreen partners with service-based and product-based clients throughout the hospitality, manufacturing and institutional healthcare industries, to implement sustainable business practices.

The Green Concierge (GC) Project, conceived by HospitalityGreen in 2009, works with tourism and lodging facilities throughout the U.S. to help improve their economic vitality and their sustainable business practices without compromising service delivery or customer satisfaction. The GC Project, through generous funding from the Empire State Development (ESD) and the Catskill Watershed Corporation (CWC) was launched in 2010 and is currently being implemented by HospitalityGreen throughout the Catskill Watershed Region. Through the Catskill GC Project over 150 facilities are receiving technical assistance to improve their operational economic and environmental sustainability practices.

There are 40 facilities currently participating in Phase 1 of the Green Concierge (GC) Certification program. The GC Certification provides a third –party audit for performance-based improvements in resource use conservation and environmentally conscious practices.

The GC Certification process is structured in three tiers (Bronze, Silver and Gold) – with each tier providing a realistic benchmark and advancement to subsequent tiers dependent upon a business’ commitment, their verifiable resource tracking and their dedication to increasingly rigorous sustainable practices.

The GC Certification was recently recognized and ranked by Greenlodge.org as a Silver Tier Program. Along with the GC Certification, Greenlodge.org also recognizes as Silver Tier an elite group of national and international third party certification programs.

For more information on the Green Concierge Project and HospitalityGreen, visit www.hospitalitygreen.com

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